Basic Preppers Checklist

Basic list of items that you should have in your home. Best if it's easy to move them to you car. 

Item Amount Priority
1 Fire source

Normal lighter, waterproof matches, have backups.

3 Crucial
2 Food

Generally, the recommended daily calorie intake is 2,000 calories a day for women and 2,500 for men. You will need to prepare your rations on your own.

14 rations Crucial
3 Water

Recommended amount is 3 liters per member per day. 

42 liters Crucial
4 Batteries

Stock a lot of them. Type depends on your utilities. 

20 Very Important
5 Flashlight / Headlight


1 Very Important
6 Knife 1 Very Important
7 Multivitamins

Suplement with vitamins, all members, daily. 

14 pieces Very Important
8 Personal meds

If you have to take meds - prepare and stack them! If you wear glasses - have a spare pair!

14 pieces Very Important
9 Spare socks

Warm ones. Very important to have dry spares to avoid trench foot

2 pairs Very Important
10 Water filter 1 Very Important
11 Big Powerbank

20k+ mah

1 Important
12 Face shield

Ultimate sun UV protection, wind, insects, snow / rain protection. Must have.

1 Important
13 First aid pack

150-200 pieces will be nice to have in car. if your'e on foot, repack standard car first aid (if it arrived in plastic).

1 Important
14 Food utilities

Sporks, dinner pails, all you need to prepare food and eat it. 

1 Important
15 Hand Sanitizer

When water is sparse, this one is useful.

1 Important
16 Head cover 1 Important
17 Nail clippers 1 Important
18 Oral hygiene

Toothbrush and paste

1 Important
19 Paracord 20 meters Important
20 Rain Poncho 1 Important
21 Sewing supplies

Needle + thread at minimum, small sewing kits will do best here. 

1 Important
22 Shovel 1 Important
23 Sleeping Bag

Warm ones. Good idea is to always have emergency sleeping bags in you car. 

1 Important
24 Soap

Buy in bulk and keep a stock.

1 Important
25 Spare underwear 1 Important
26 Sun screen 2 Important
27 Tactical gloves

Hands are important, if you hurt them, you're in trouble. Get yourself a pair of tactical gloves for all heavier works. 

1 pair Important
28 Tactical shoes

Can be mountaineering / trekking shoes. Choose solid ones, don't go for some cheap ones. 

1 pair Important
29 Tarp

Tarps are super universal, you can use it as a tent, wind protection, roof or as a part of your hut. 

1 Important
30 Toilet paper 0 roll Important
31 Warm Clothes
Strong trousers (tactical / jeans). Warm flanel / fleece blouse. Warm jacket (tactical/winter sports are good)
1 Important
32 Water bags
You may need to transport water and keeping a bucket in your bag doesn't seem like a good idea.
1 Important
33 Antibiotics

Won't be easy to get, but these can save lives. Usual preppers' method is to stockpile fish or bird antibiotics as a last resort, in case human ones are impossible to get.

3 packs Very Useful
34 Antistress consumables
Melissa tea, tobacco, whatever works best for you. 
14 Very Useful
35 Axe

or Axe and Hatchet. For wood collecting

1 Very Useful
36 Chargers set

Fast-charge charger + USB cables. You don't want to look through your house what to disconnect. Keep spare ones prepared in your bag. 

1 Very Useful
37 Chocolate

There is a reason most of western MREs have a tab.

3 Very Useful
38 Crowbar

Small crowbar can help a lot

1 Very Useful
39 Duct Tape & Electrical Tape
1 Very Useful
40 Garbage bags 1 pack Very Useful
41 Gas mask and filters

Let's just hope we won't need these...

1 Very Useful
42 Hammer 1 Very Useful
43 Insect Repellent 1 Very Useful
44 Multitool 1 Very Useful
45 Oven

Military ovens are fine if you're on foot. If you'e on car you can get tourist oven with gas fuel. Lower priority if you have a shovel and can dig your oven, but sometimes there might be no opportunity or time.

1 Very Useful
46 Permanent Marker

Super useful item, allows you to leave messages or markings. 

1 Very Useful
47 Radio

There will be a lot of emergency messages on FM waves. Small pocket radio or cheap Baofeng Ham radio with access to FM strongly recommended. 

1 Very Useful
48 Self-defense toolkit
Firearms, if allowed and possible to get. Any other self-defense (pepper gas, taser, baton, bow) if not. 
1 Very Useful
49 Sleeping mat
Sleeping outside without isolation from ground can be risky. 
1 Very Useful
50 Solar charger 1 Very Useful
51 String bags

to protect money, documents etc

5 Very Useful
52 Super Glue

Super useful

2 Very Useful
53 Hammock

Depending on your area might be better than sleeping mat

1 Useful
54 Spare phone

One that will remain turned off and will have whole doomguard library downloaded. Can be an e-book reader, these are bigger but live longer. 

1 Useful